The Wearables Advisory Service combines key reports with ongoing access to industry-leading analysts. The result is a detailed discussion of the connected consumer and how they interact with wearable technology both today and in the future.

The Advisory Service provides ongoing tracking of activity tracker, smartwatches and upcoming segments such as embedded clothing and footwear, all designed to support app and product development.


  • Consumer ownership rates with two-year forecast
  • Device retention and abandonment
  • What features drive the purchase
  • Where consumers shop for wearables
  • What features drive retention
  • Impact of smartwatches on other categories
  • How apps influence purchase and retention
  • Wearable tech as an ecosystem, not just a product





Quarterly tracking of the key wearables devices available for purchase, including key features, how worn, pricing and market positioning



The bi-annual Wearables Ownership Report leverages consumer panel data to examine the current state of consumer adoption. This includes sizing the market for key wearables such as smartwatches and trackers, understanding what drove the consumer purchase decision and what causes churn. In addition, the report examines future purchase intent for these devices, as well as emerging categories such as smart clothing.

The Profile Report complements the ownership report, providing side-by-side views of the key ownership and usage metrics. This allows our clients to compare and contrast different types of consumer demographics to understand opportunities in the current market



The bi-annual Wearables Usage Report leverages consumer panel data to examine the activities that consumers use their wearables for. How does behavior change based on the level of activity the consumer participates in, what types of activity drives adoption of different devices and so forth



The annual Industry Overview and Forecast report provides a two year forecast for activity trackers and wearables, as well as examining new growth areas and technologies that may impact the market moving forward 




We get it; everyone has time constraints and the idea of yet more reports hitting your desk can seem like a negative, not a positive. Which is why the reports are just the beginning of the NPD Connected Intelligence service. Consider the reports background for the core: a unique Advisory Service where we encourage ongoing discussions between you and the Connected Intelligence wearables team. These engagements range from presentations to your team to ongoing checkpoints and queries.


The Advisory Service leverages multiple sources to provide the most accurate, industry-leading view of the market including:

  • Sales data
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Consumer Polling
  • Mystery Shopping


Connected Intelligence answers the question of what consumers do once they purchase today’s latest technology, such as mobile devices. Our mandate is to operate in partnership with the core NPD sales data to tell the broader story of an entire market. The combination of Sales Data and Ownership Data is unique to The NPD Group and provides the tools that you need to truly understand the consumer today, and what they are willing to buy next.


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