Unlocked Phone Demand Report

The report examines the consumers who purchase unlocked phones, comparing and contrasting with the larger base of consumers who purchased standard, locked, phones from their carriers. The report is a 32 page PowerPoint deck, based on a survey of over 4,000 smartphone owners, that is designed as a standalone report. 

Why You Should Read This Report

The availability of unlocked devices, from smaller OEMs, looks set to disrupt the mobile status quo. Consumers are now open to purchasing alternative brands for a lower price, or even for the same price if the functionality is appealing, and this has the potential to disrupt the current retail status.

Online purchasing is becoming a stronger alternative, but retailers who understand the competitive landscape look set to benefit from this changing landscape and can reposition themselves as the go-to location for the broadest range of devices

Key sections in the report:

  • Defining the unlocked market
  • Unlocked target demographics
  • Device Purchase and Ownership
  • Carrier Relationship 
  • Unlocked Threats and Opportunities 
  • Call to Action for carriers, retailers and OEMs
For more details, please contact Lee Ann Stern (leeann.stern@npd.com)