The Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

Connected Intelligence provides consumer electronic manufacturers with a holistic view of the connected device installed base, research on new technologies, and quantifiable direction on app partnerships.

The Challenge:

Understanding the sales success of products is an absolute necessity, and The NPD Group addresses that core need. However, once the sale is complete and the consumer plugs in the device, manufacturers need to know how the devices are being used, and for what reason. Without this behavioral knowledge, manufacturers cannot make informed decisions regarding the product’s evolution.

Are the new devices connected, and do they play a primary role in the consumer’s connected experience? Are key features such as screen sharing driving uptake, and does such a solution drive brand-related buying habits in order to building a stronger inter-device solution? As these devices become core components of the connected home, which apps must be pre-loaded to match consumer expectations?

As a product matures through the lifecycle it becomes essential to identify opportunities to drive a higher installed base.  But, traditional sales data can't tell you how many household rooms are lacking a TV, or how many TVs don't have a Blu-ray player attached. Yet knowing details of household device installation could uncover invaluable marketing opportunities.


The Solution:

NPD’s Connected Intelligence solution provides the data and analysis needed to optimize strategic product plans. We focus on connectivity to provide tools needed to enter into, and be successful with, app development partnerships.  We use a blend of survey and Smartmeter data collection methodologies to provide a deep understanding of the connected consumer and connected home, including which devices are installed in the home – and where – as well as connection rates, market share, and what consumers use these devices for. 


Key Components

  • New technology, adoption tracking, and consumer targeting
  • Connected consumer electronics forecast
  • Content provider app development and partnership research
  • Connected home analysis
  • Product lifecycle optimization - using household location device penetration comparisons and set top box TV attach rates to identify marketing opportunities


Data Sources:

NPD Connected Intelligence leverages a unique array of content sources to create a distinctive, detailed approach to understand current and future trends in the devices market. These sources include:

  • Device sales data
  • Consumer panel research
  • On-device metering
  • Mystery shopping
  • Supply chain data


Key CE Manufacturer Challenges: 

  • Which connected device technologies are in development or just being introduced in the market place, that  need to be assessed and potentially integrated into our product line.
  • Estimate the future growth in our category and related device categories to develop our product strategy with forecasting reports.
  • How is content use changing and how is the introduction of new devices (such as tablets) impacting the current household status quo.
  • What apps are being used on smartphones and tablets and should these apps being incorporated into other devices? And how does the smartphone play a role in the greater connected device world?
  • Which connected services/apps are the most important and should gain a premium app placement on our device?
  • Are rooms in the household where our device category in under-penetrated? We can target these consumer types to drive additional device adoption.