Mobile OEM

Ongoing analysis and tracking of the mobile environment, from retail presence to device use to provide a deep understanding of the Connected Consumer


The Challenge:

The U.S. smartphone market is a lucrative, and necessary, target for any OEM, but it is dominated by a handful of mobile operators, and only a small number of brands are enjoying ongoing consumer loyalty. To succeed, OEMs need to understand the operators’ current device portfolio, identifying gaps in this strategy that they can help address. This requires a deep understanding of the connected consumer, both in terms of their purchase behavior, as well as how they use their devices once purchased. And, of course, understanding how the market will evolve over the next few years is fundamental to developing a competitive solution.

Further, simply building a better smartphone will not be enough to satisfy the connected consumer of tomorrow. These devices need to seamlessly integrate with the connected home, playing a role in everything from home security solutions to screen sharing services.


The Solution: 

Connected Intelligence tracks the consumer/device ecosystem, from the point of retail through to how consumers interact with smartphones and tablets once they are purchased. Knowing that the consumer uses their smartphone (on average) 95 times a day is a key starting point: but understanding how, what, why and when they interact provides a far more detailed understanding of current behavior.

Combined with this smartphone and tablet data is a deep understanding of the connected home, including which devices are connected in the home, what they are used for, and the impact of tablets and smartphones on this behavior.

The result is a deep, ongoing, understanding of the connected consumer that equips OEMs to make both tactical and strategic decisions relating to the current and future device portfolios.


Key Components

  • Ongoing retail analysis and price tracking for smartphones and tablets
  • Consumer attitudes: looking at operator and smartphone perspectives
  • Smartphone and tablet data consumption metrics
  • Smartphone use, providing side-by-side comparisons of how device features impact use, based on device metering software
  • Connected home analysis
  • Application use and convergence across all screens
  • Innovation, evolution, and convergence of devices both in and out of the home.


Data Sources:

NPD Connected Intelligence leverages a unique array of content sources to create a distincitve, detailed approach to understand current and future trends in the devices market. These sources include:

  • Device sales data
  • Consumer panel research
  • On-device metering
  • Mystery shopping
  • Supply chain data


Key Mobile Device Manufacturer Challenges:

  • Are carriers pricing my products correctly against competitive solutions both at the same carrier, as well as the greater mobile market?
  • How are consumers currently use these products, and how do they want to use the products?
  • How does the evolving connected home impact design and functionality decisions?
  • How can I build a user experience blending hardware and services and achieve brand loyalty?