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Week In Review

Disney+ will release full Indy catalog ahead of newest movie.

Ahead of the June 30 release of “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” Disney is planning to release all four previous Indy movies as well as both seasons of “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.” It’s an expensive strategy given that Disney is licensing the Indy catalog content from Paramount with the hope that it will lead to more Disney+ subscribers. However, with theatrical windows continuing to shrink, and Disney owning the rights to “Dial of Destiny,” perhaps these new subscribers could be convinced to stick around ahead of a PVOD window or even outright streaming, which could happen by the end of summer.

 The Circana Take:

  • Drafting viewership of catalog content ahead of pending releases is a strong way to give a boost to streaming.
  • The hard part will be retaining the Dr. Jones fanbase and converting them into meaningful revenue.

Netflix announces 5 million MAUs for its ad tier

Netflix recently announced a total of 5 million monthly active users (all adult profiles within a single account) on its ad supported tier. Launched last November in 12 markets at $6.99 per month, this update continues to signal a strong start to the ad-based model at the global streaming leader. As 2023 unfolds, AVOD continues to evolve among the largest streamers as they continue to navigate challenging economic headwinds.

 The Circana Take:

  • With higher average revenue per user, expect to see Netflix, Disney, and other major streaming platforms race to develop a thriving AVOD option as profitability is king in the current economy.