Home Automation Week in Review

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Week In Review

Google Adds New Home Capabilities 

Last month, Google updated its Home app to allow for 18 new standard smart home routines. The new routines incorporate new uses of Starters (device input from a human) and Actions (what the device does in response to something) to accomplish different tasks.  This update comes just after redesign of the Home app and the introduction of a new script editor, giving Google users more customization options for their connected devices. 

The Circana Take: 

  • As more devices enter the household (and ownership of Smart Home products becomes more diverse) consumers will demand more personalized options from their devices.  The addition of new routine options means Smart Home devices can be triggered and respond in new ways- serving a wider array of consumers. 

Flic’s Twist Offers Smart Home Control 

Programmable Bluetooth buttons are no stranger to the consumer electronics market. Flic’s new Twist button offers multiple combinations of pushing and twisting the button to customize the experience and it will also “control any connected device”.  The Flic Twist goes on sale later this month for $88 and requires a hub.

The Circana Take: 

  • In an age of custom device set ups, versatile products that can control a wide range of products (via different means) will be increasingly important. The Twist’s many interaction methods should benefit users with accessibility challenges. Matter compatibility will be important for tying devices from different technology platforms together.
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