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Week In Review

Nest Adds a Web Portal 

Last week, Google announced a web portal (home.google.com) for Nest users to access, view, and download video clips from their devices. Users were previously able to view livestreams from this address, but viewing historical footage required using the Google Home App. The new web portal enhancement adds another point of access for Nest owners, and also allows owners to take advantage of enhanced clip-making tools via a larger screen layout. The portal is expected to house other creator features like custom clip editing. 

The Circana Take: 

  • Most users access video clips from their security camera via the manufacturer’s dedicated app, but the ability to edit and change footage is one trend growing in popularity- particularly among digital creators.  
  • A wider toolset of editing features enabled by the web portal environment has the potential to increase the appeal of Nest cameras among a wider audience of consumers. 

Blink Updates Its Indoor Camera Line 

Amazon announced an update to its successful Blink Mini Line of indoor cameras- the Blink Mini 2. The first Blink Mini was lauded as a top performer among other indoor cameras. The Mini 2 features an updated design and can be used inside or outdoors - with the addition of the Blink Weather Resistant Power Adapter (sold separately for $10). A new chipset in the Mini 2 powers smart notifications and facial recognition.

The Circana Take: 

  • Though the security market is mostly divided into outdoor enabled models and those rated only for indoor use, adding the capability to make the cameras useable in either environment is a trend worth following. 
  • As camera owners needs change (or when they move) many will want to retain their cameras and/or reconfigure them. Cameras that are useable in multiple settings could be the next feature segment in this market.
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