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Week In Review

T-Mobile and Blink Team Up 

T-Mobile announced a partnership with smart home manufacturer Blink to offer home security starter packages with new subscriptions to T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet or Small Business Service. The starter package comes with the Blink Outdoor two-camera system and a Blink Mini Pan-Tilt camera; a total value of $229.97.

The Circana Take: 

  • In order to better target potential customers, smart home device manufacturers are being creative with service bundles and packages.
  • Investment in upgraded internet service is often followed by acquisition of new connected devices. By offering a starter package to new service starts, Blink is capturing customers within their ecosystem early in their device ownership.

Aqara Releases New Ceiling Light 

Aqara recently released the Aqara Smart Ceiling Light.  The new light is built to light a 200 square foot room and offers a wide range of shades from warm whites to cool whites. The ceiling light is paired with a side lamp that includes a palette of 16 million colors, allowing for multiple  combinations and design opportunities.  With an Aqara hub that supports Zigbee 3.0, users will be able to use the ceiling light with nearly all major smart home platforms including Matter and HomeKit. The light also supports adaptive lighting in HomeKit which aligns the color temperature of indoor lights to the sun lighting outside for better health and wellness.

The Circana Take: 

  • Aqara continues to release new products and invest in Matter as the specification grows in awareness and popularity. While smart lighting sales have struggled over the past year, a stronger line up of smart lighting products will help the company build a broader presence in the smart home hardware market.
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