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Week In Review

Yale Releases a New Lock 

Last week, Yale released the Yale Approach with Wi-Fi, a $129 retrofit smart door lock. The device will offer Matter-over-Thread connectivity via a firmware upgrade later in the year. Because the Approach is a retro-fit lock, users can keep their existing keys, knobs and door handles making this segment of the smart lock market attractive to renters and those resistant to more complex installation processes. The Yale Approach will work with Yale’s new wireless keypad and comes with the Yale Connect module which will link it to a home’s Wi-Fi.

The Circana Take: 

  • In order to grow, smart home brands must appeal to consumer segments outside of affluent homeowners. Greater investment in retro-fit locks which offer smart features without much installation is an important step in engaging new groups of buyers. 

Amazon Changes Alexa Developer Terms 

On June 30, Amazon will wind down two programs designed to support development of Alexa voice apps.  While the company has not said it is ending its Alexa “skills” development, it will end two programs designed to support developers with AWS credits and monetary payouts for top performing skills. In 2020 Amazon reduced the revenue shared with Alexa Skills developers and according to several metrics, the voice platforms top performing applications remain tasks like playing music, setting timers, and trivia games.

The Circana Take: 

  • Despite slower smart speaker and display sales, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri have high installed bases of users. As development of next generation AI applications continues, voice assistants should also evolve, adding new features to leverage their enormous base of users and tremendous brand recognition. 
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