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Verizon joins the dual-SIM game

Verizon last week announced the launch of its new service, Second Number, which is a new plan designed for customers who would like to run an additional mobile line on a single phone. The service is exclusive to Verizon’s postpaid customers who own (or plan to purchase) a smartphone with dual-SIM capabilities and is offered at $10/month until early June ($15/month thereafter). 

The Circana Take:

  • This was a much-needed move by Verizon to match its rival T-Mobile, who has long been enjoying new line activations through similar multi-line solutions to both consumers and business users. T-Mobile’s IMS-based DIGITS service offers customers the ability to run multiple lines on the same device (through an app downloaded to the phone) free of charge. T-Mobile has also been giving away free lines to newcomers as part of switcher promotions and encourage customers with dual-SIM devices to activate these lines. Verizon’s $10/month introductory fee may sound high in comparison, but the new plan will give the carrier the ability to run quarter-end promotions to boost line new activations like its rivals.
  • The debut timing of the Second Number plan is ideal as the dual-SIM concept gradually grows in popularity among U.S. smartphone owners. According to the latest Circana Connected Intelligence Mobility Survey, 20% of U.S. smartphone owners are genuinely aware of the fact that their phone supports dual-SIMs, and a quarter of these users already have to active lines running on their smartphones. 
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