Wearables Week In Review

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Week In Review

T-Mobile’s smartwatch focus

T-Mobile launched an aggressive Black Friday deal, offering the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 smartwatch for free, as long as the customer purchased a new line for data that is DIGITS-paired. That’s a saving of $379.99, assuming you keep the line active for 24 months.

The NPD Take:

  • We see a strong opportunity for smartwatch sales in the next few months – especially the holiday season – as smartwatch use has exploded during the COVID pandemic, largely driven by older devices being pulled back into circulation (see our Spotlight on the topic).
  • T-Mobile also has compelling offers for the Apple community too, with two iPhone 12s, plus two Apple Watch SE’s with a two-line unlimited plan for $120. Expect T-Mobile to see some strong success with these offers.


Snap, the company best known for Snapchat, is again pushing its augmented reality glasses and is keen to highlight the broad potential of these devices. Hence its latest collaboration with LA-based artist Lauren Halsey for a series of short films shot entirely with Spectacles 3. There’s not too much augmented reality in the film, but that’s almost beside the point: which is to remind people about the Spectacles, and the company’s TikTok alternative Spotlight service.

The NPD Take:

  • Augmented reality glasses are still a niche of a niche at this point in time, but initiatives such as this will help further the cause. Snap, of course, is no stranger to innovative marketing campaigns: the original Spectacles were sold via a limited number of kiosks, driving interest and buzz to create a “must have” product at the time.
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