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Week In Review

Apple Watch 7 Launch

As expected, Apple announced the Watch Series 7 last week with a slightly larger screen (1mm increases for both models) and increased durability. The Series 7 is the first Apple Watch to include dust resistance and the screen is supposed to be more crack resistant too. In other words, minimal changes that are unlikely to drive a flurry of consumer upgrades.

The NPD Take:

  • Most of the key upgrades that consumers will notice come with watchOS 8, which supports improved cycling workouts, a swipe-based keyboard and improved sleep tracking. But since OS 8 is also supported on Series 6, the question many Apple Watch wearers will be asking is: is the slightly larger screen worth the upgrade?

Xiaomi has smartglasses too… sort of

Not to be outdone by Facebook’s launch of “smart” Ray-Bans last week, Xiaomi announced its own smartglasses that include a display for augmented reality features. The glasses are an independent Android device meaning they could be used instead of a phone. Sounds impressive? Sure, but there’s just one caveat… they are only a concept and Xiaomi has no plans to enter a production phase at this time.

The NPD Take:

  • Yes, this is 100% a tease since Xiaomi has no plans to build the glasses. But the concept is solid and it is what we really need to see in the market if smartglasses are going to become a reality. Maybe in a few years…
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