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Huawei’s smart storage watch

Huawei has previewed a smart watch that stores ear buds inside it, with the watch face hinging up to reveal the buds nestled in their little charging station.  It’s interesting, innovative and horrible all in the same bundle. Interesting and innovative, sure, because no one has done this before; horrible because if there is that much free space inside the watch, we would suggest making it slimmer, or adding a more substantial battery perhaps? But that may just be us. Love it or hate it, you cannot fault Huawei for trying.

The NPD Take:

  • And, of course, it’s Huawei, and we are in the US so this is not a product that will make it into the market. It is an interesting concept, but we are not convinced that there was an issue with carrying buds separately, and build in buds means you are beholden to one design and one design only. We don’t see this concept being replicated by other OEMs.

Diesel Powered

Diesel has launched the Griffed Gen 6, a Wear OS 3 smartwatch that comes from the same home as Fossil and Skagen. The watch is a bold, chunky device that will definitely appeal to a younger audience looking for a device that’s a little more individual than the usual smartwatch fare. And it’s a much needed expansion for Diesel, which last offer the Diesel Fadelite smartwatch back in 2020. One of the watch’s key claims is that it can charge up to 80 percent capacity in just 30 minutes, which means you can wear the device pretty much all day – and night – and still keep going with the occasionally sneaky charge. The watch launched Dec 1 and retails for $350.

The NPD Take:

  • It’s a Wear OS 3 device, with all the benefits and features that integration brings. But in addition, the smartwatch supports Alexa which broadens the appeal somewhat.
  • All the usual array of fitness features are built in, but the design of this watch is far less appealing for the more sporting. We would consider this “street wear” not sports wear.
  • Having said that, the one disappointment, frankly, is that the watch is only “water resistant” (3ATM). In a world of portable tech that can usually at least survive a long shower we would consider this a miss.
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