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Samsung to add home features to Galaxy Watch

Samsung has said it plans to support more smart home features on its Galaxy Watches. This expansion will start with live feeds from Ring and nest home video cameras and doorbells. Ring camera owners will also be able to use the two-way intercom feature via the Watch. But it appears that the expansion will be far wider-reaching, including control of smart air purifiers, blinds and thermostats to name just a few. Critically, Samsung says users will not need to open up the SmartThings app on the Watch to control these features, but rather, they will be available directly from the Watch screen. Specific details of the proposed integrations are sparse right now, but with Samsung hosting an Unpacked event on February 1, we can expect more details soon.

The NPD Take:

  • This is a key addition that integrates Samsung’s smart home strategy with its watch series. While demand for these features is relatively small right now, the convenience of such a feature should drive increased interest and, importantly, help to differentiate the Galaxy Watch from other Wear OS devices.
  • Adding key features such as smart home integration will also drive additional interest in cellular-connected versions of the smartwatch as there is less need to always have a smartphone with you.
  • The addition of smart home features helps unite Samsung’s various product portfolios. But it will also resonate with the carriers: it helps drive demand for cellular-connected devices, as mentioned above, but carriers also sell smart home devices so this helps unite the carrier offering into a cohesive solution too.
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