Device Marketing and Supply

The Challenge:

For mobile operators, the device represents the physical manifestation of the relationship with the consumer. Offering an appropriate range of devices, supporting the needed features at the right price point is often the first decision point for the consumer. This means that the mobile operators have to first predict what devices will be needed in two years time and then also manage the current portfolio to ensure that they match the competition where appropriate.

The Solution:

The suite of Connected Intelligence products and services provides a tactical view of the current competitive landscape both in terms of device pricing, as well as a close understanding of how the consumers interact with their devices. This goes far beyond the standard smartphone relationship and also includes tracking of mobile broadband devices and tablets. As well as understanding the competitive landscape the Connected Intelligence solution set includes tools to helps determine which features are needed in the next generation of mobile phones.

Key Components

  • Ongoing retail analysis and price tracking
  • Consumer attitudes: looking at operator and smartphone perspectives
  • Smartphone and tablet data consumption metrics
  • Smartphone use, providing side-by-side comparisons of how device features impact use
  • Connected home analysis
  • Application use and convergence across all screens
  • Innovation, evolution, and convergence of devices both in and out of the home.


Data Sources:

NPD Connected Intelligence leverages a unique array of content sources to create a distinctive, detailed approach to understand current and future trends in the devices market. These sources include:

  • Device sales data
  • Consumer panel research
  • On-device metering
  • Mystery shopping
  • Supply chain data

Key Operator Challenges:

  • Is our device portfolio competitive in terms of features and pricing?
  • What is driving the consumer purchase? Is it the device pricing, or other dissatisfaction factors relating to my carrier compared to the others?
  • What are the key features and functionality we need to add to the portfolio next year? How do different types of device (screen size, processor speed, etc.) drive differences in usage behavior? 
  • If we launch it, will consumers connect it? What are consumer barriers to connecting new devices to mobile broadband?