The Mobile Operator

Mobile operators are facing increasing challenges over the next few years. With mobile penetration at around100%, operators need to develop new innovative ways to increase revenue – and attach rates – for current and new devices. Further, the operators face the challenge of being little more than a conduit for the content providers and OEMs who are all striving to create differentiated solutions that will increase consumer loyalty to a brand other than that of the operator. Compounding the issue is an increasingly complex future where the mobile device has to fully integrate with the other devices in the connected home in order to maintain the current dominant position.

The operator challenge can be looked at from three unique (albeit overlapping) perspectives:

  1. The device is the physical representation of the operator’s consumer-oriented solution, and yet, most operators offer a similar range of devices today. Understanding the competitive pricing landscape, as well as how these devices are used now – and in the future – is key to ensuring a strong device portfolio in the future.
  2. The success of mobile broadband services is fundamental to driving operator revenues higher. Understanding why consumers connect devices – or resist connecting – as well as understanding data consumption habits and broadband connectivity rates in the future is key to planning the correct services and device portfolio.
  3. Value-added services, whether they are driven directly by the operator, or through third parties, provide the glue that ties devices and related services to the future needs of the connected consumer. This requires a mix of on-device metering and attitudinal research to provide the “why” and the “what” of content usage.

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