Value Added Services

The Challenge

The provision of value-added services has primarily becomes the role of the large application stores, such as iTunes and Google Play, leaving the mobile operators in a weaker position when it comes to differentiating their overall consumer products through innovative apps. However, operators can still create specific apps to target niche uses, and thus differentiate, as well as curating specific areas of an application store to better support their consumer's needs. But to do so, one must understand not just what your own consumers are using, but also those of the competition. Further, there are differences in usage due to device mix and customer demographics, all of which allow an operator to target specific segments of the market if they understand overall usage and behavior.


The Solution:

Connected Intelligence provides a complete view of the content space by leveraging a number of distinct sources to combine into a single connected consumer solution. An on-device meter (the SmartMeter) provides ongoing details of the connected consumer's smartphone and tablet behavior, allowing operators to compare and contrast usage behavior across different types of device specification, as well as by different consumer demographics. This information is combines with key attitudinal research to understand the “why” of the consumer’s smartphone and tablet interactions.

By understanding the actual use, as well as the consumer’s intent, operators can develop a stronger array of applications and solutions that not only provide a strong smartphone solution, but also help bridge the gap to other screens and devices within the connected home.


Key Components

  • On-device metering of applications, web and other key device functionality
  • Cross platform use of content across the four key screens both in the home and beyond
  • Room-level penetration of Connected devices in the home
  • Connected device and broadband adoption forecasts provide future perspective
  • Innovation reports consider key content evolution over the next few years


Data Sources:

NPD Connected Intelligence leverages a unique array of content sources to create a distinctive, detailed approach to understand current and future trends in the mobile broadband market. These sources include:

  • Device sales data
  • Consumer panel research
  • On-device metering
  • Mystery shopping
  • Supply chain data


Key Operator Challenges:

  • Are my subscribers viewing similar content to other carrier's subscribers? Is there anything different about them?
  • How can I differentiate my VAS strategy from the competition?
  • Does device mix make a difference to the content consumed? How do I find out?
  • How can the content strategy interleave with other products to build a holistic solution that is bigger than just a mobile solution?
  • How should tablets play into this environment? Is there a complementary role for apps, or are they distinct devices?
  • How is the connected home environment changing? How will changes in content and device behavior (i.e., getting movies) provide opportunities for mobility services?