Access Practice

The Access Practice focuses on the connected consumer’s proclivity to connect various devices – ranging from smartphones to tablets to e-Readers connecting though mobile hotspots and mobile broadband

Within Access Practice, the content is divided into three core areas:

  • Marketplace
  • Behavior
  • Innovation


The Marketplace reports look at the current landscape for access services, and specifically the mobile broadband plans that are available to consumers. These reports are the foundation for the behavioral section, highlighting what is available for consumers (and any limitations that these may include).

The core Marketplace report includes the monthly Broadband Plans and Availability report


The Access Behavioral reports look closely at the connected consumer’s relationship to mobile broadband data services. Complementing the Marketplace component (what plans are available top consumers), the behavioral reports address three key areas:

  • Consumer interest in connecting devices
  • How many devices are connected
  • How much data is consumed

By addressing each of these key components, Connected Intelligence provides a detailed view of the connected consumer’s attitude towards mobile broadband solutions both on smartphones and tablets, but also providing insight into adoption rates on embedded laptops, mobile hotspots, and other emerging devices. The result is that OEMs gain clearer insight into the risks and rewards of developing embedded solutions, while the carriers are able to benchmark their connection and consumption success against the competition.

The key components of the Access Behavior Practice are: 


Innovation reports consider how the broadband market will evolve over the next few years. The reports are five to ten page research papers that consider the current state of the market, and the outlook of how this landscape will evolve. 

Reports range from being specific to the broadband market, such as how the broadband pricing models will evolve over the next few years, though to broader issues, such as the impact of screen sharing innovation to devices, access services, and content solutions.

These reports leverage a multitude of research sources, ranging from sales and supply chain data through to consumer panel research and vendor interviews. Combined with the marketplace and behavioral content, the innovation reports round out a complete view of the consumer experience with broadband service, and how these will evolve over time.

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Innovation Report: Trade-In, Trade-Up, Trade-Out

The smartphone trade-in market has moved from one of relative obscurity a year ago to become one of the most dynamic, leading tools that carriers and retailers use to drive new device sales.

The Trade-In innovation report examines this complex market and the potential opportunities for retailers, OEMs, carriers and more.