Data Consumption Report

  • Data consumption by carrier
  • Data consumption by OS
  • Key OEM view of data use
  • Trended data view, split by Wi-Fi and cellular
  • Cellular users over 2 GB and 3 GB

The Data Consumption Report provides details of monthly data use on smartphones and tablets. Leveraging on-device metering to provide an accurate view of actual data use, the report provides key insight into data use, as well as highlighting the key applications that drive consumption on different platforms.

Data consumption is clearly delineated between cellular data and Wi-Fi, with trending data provided to show how this consumption changes over time (and season). Further, the reporting breaks out consumption by top operators, as well as leading OEMs to see how different OEM devices – or networks – may impact usage.

In addition to reporting average data consumption, the range of consumption across the user base is also demonstrated, ranging from the very low end user, through to the power consumers that use upwards of 5 GB of cellular data per month. And of course, the all important break point of 2 GB and 3 GB is tracked, to see what percentage of the consumer base come close to breaking beyond their base plan limits.

Distinct reporting is provided for smartphones and tablets, with an executive overview providing a side-by-side comparison of top-level consumption on all platforms.

This report complements the Mobile Broadband Market Share & Forecast (answering the “how many are connected”) and the Mobile COnnectivity Report (addressing the “why are they, or are they not, connected”) to provide the third leg of the data story of “how much data is really used.”