Mobile Connectivity Report

  • Carrier satisfaction
  • Connected device ownership
  • Connected device usage locations and behavior
  • Connected device service demographics
  • Mobile hotspot usage by device
  • Purchase Intent in next six months
  • Device behavior outlook

The Mobile Connectivity Report examines consumer attitudes towards connecting mobile broadband devices to cellular services. The bi-annual report analyzes the types of connectivity used by consumers across multiple device types – such as tablets, notebooks, e-Readers – and the connectivity device used for these connections, such as mobile hotspots, tethering, and embedded solutions.

The report examines consumer objections to choosing mobile solutions, as well as key drivers in the purchase decision, such as brand, price, and network speed. In addition, the report provides a six month window into consumer purchase intent, and compares previous intentions against the ongoing reality.

The report is delivered in Excel, providing customers a combination of executive infographic views, deeper quantitative analysis and complementary qualitative analysis examining the drivers behind the various data points.

The report forms the basis of the connected consumer research examining access behavior, and the panel-based insight complements the quantitative analysis driven from the Mobile Broadband Market Share & Forecast and Data Consumption reports. The result is a detailed view of what is connected, the data consumed, and why the connected consumer has chosen that device/access combination. By leveraging this combination, Connected Intelligence customers can build strategies and tactical initiatives to better target key demographics and overcome current objections to connecting devices.