Home Automation

The Home Automation Advisory Service combines key reports with ongoing access to industry-leading analysts. The result is a detailed discussion of the connected consumer and how they interact with smart home technology.

The Advisory Service provides ongoing tracking of an array of connected home devices including smart cameras, sensors, power, lighting, appliances, and system controllers, all designed to support product development and retail merchandising strategies.

By leveraging the advisory service, clients can keep abreast of how this nascent market is evolving, which product types are gaining the most traction – or seeing the most rapid uptake – and the challenges that consumers encounter that may limited near
term growth.

Coverage includes:

  • Security and Monitoring
  • Sensors
  • Power
  • System Controllers
  • Smart Lighting


  • Tracks awareness, adoption and use of smart home products over time
  • Sizes the market and shows which segments and brands drive growth
  • Explores the impact of current and emerging trends in the industry
  • Provides product attribute and average selling price detail to guide products development
  • Highlights breaking industry developments and product announcements 



Quarterly tracking of the key home automation devices available for purchase, including key features, how worn, pricing and market positioning.



The Home Automation Industry Overview report leverages NPD’s retail point-of-sale data to provide current annual market size and growth metrics. It also reveals the product segments and brands that are driving growth. You can use it to explore the current and emerging trends in consumer adoption, product development, and retail strategy that impact the industry.


Home Automation Ownership & Usage Report: Get the information you need to make educated product development and marketing decisions. Based on insights from a consumer survey fielded twice a year, this report covers consumer adoption and usage of home automation products from the point of purchase to how they are used in the home. Includes shipping behavior, awareness and ownership, usage, smart speakers and display use.



We get it; everyone has time constraints and the idea of yet more reports hitting your desk can seem like a negative, not a positive. Which is why the reports are just the beginning of the NPD Connected Intelligence service. Consider the reports background for the core: a unique Advisory Service where we encourage ongoing discussions between you and the Connected Intelligence home automation team. These engagements range from presentations to your team to ongoing checkpoints and queries.


The Advisory Service leverages multiple sources to provide the most accurate, industry-leading view of the market including:

  • Sales data
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Consumer Polling
  • Mystery Shopping 


Connected Intelligence answers the question of what consumers do once they purchase today’s latest technology, such as mobile devices. Our mandate is to operate in partnership with the core NPD sales data to tell the broader story of an entire market. The combination of Sales Data and Ownership Data is unique to The NPD Group and provides the tools that you need to truly understand the consumer today, and what they are willing to buy next.


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