Removing the friction from the TV Everywhere and Over-the-Top video experience is a key factor in developing further engagement among the growing base of viewers that use apps on TV. This report analyzes the market from the perspective of app discovery and the imperative for developing this sort of audience engagement. The Connected TV App Discovery Report investigates the top ways users discover new TV apps as well as how they find TV shows and movies.  It also examines the ways consumers use and would consider using their tablet in conjunction with TV viewing. 

TV Networks working on their app development roadmaps can use these insights to identify ways to foster app and content discovery.  And, connected device manufactures can identify gaps in app discovery that if addressed could lead to user interface enhancements. 

Key metrics include:

  • Connected TV app awareness
  • Top 10 methods of discovering apps on TVs
  • Top 10 methods of discovering TV Shows and movies on connected TV devices
  • Top TV related Tablet activities while watching TV
  • Demographic breakdowns

The report is delivered in PDF, providing customers quantitative and qualitative analysis examining the drivers behind the various data points.   Panel-based reporting from a sample of more than 3,800 individuals is coupled with insight into the connected TV marketplace.

The Connected TV App Discovery Report was published in June 2014.