The Mobility Advisory Service provides a broad range of insights covering the market from what is available for consumers to purchase or adopt, through ownership and use metrics and analysis. As a result, the Connected Intelligence Mobility Service provides a complete understanding of the consumer’s mobile experience that addresses the needs of carriers, OEMs, retailers and other companies looking to understand the consumer’s mobile and entertainment use.


  • Understand the competitive landscape for devices and activations
  • Consumer attitudes regarding carriers across multiple segments
  • Where devices are purchase and how they are used
  • The impact of the unlocked phone market: which brands do better via unlocked channels, trends driving unlocked phone adoption
  • Which apps and websites drive usage
  • Which consumer segments drive the most usage
  • Consumer use of mobile and Wi-Fi data on their connected devices



Marketplace reports provide tracking of the devices, service plans and promotions that apply to the mobile market. The reports include:

  • Mobile Devices: Monthly tracking of mobile device availability and pricing
  • in retail and online channels
  • Service Plans: Monthly tracking of the carrier service plans for smartphones and connected devices
  • Promotions: Monthly tracking of phone and service plan promotions



Ownership reports examine the consumer’s device choices, as well as carrier key performance indicators. The reports include:

  • US Carrier KPI Report: Trends the nationwide carrier performance indicators for subscriber growth, service revenues, churn and connected tablets
  • Mobile Connectivity Report: A consumer panel-based report looking at connection preferences for smartphones, tablets and other mobile broadband devices. The report includes details of the brand ownership, carrier market share, OEM and carrier churn analysis, device upgrade cycles and consumer sentiment regarding the carrier services and solutions
  • OEM Brand Analysis: Extensive reporting on consumer awareness and perception towards the various smartphone brands in the market
  • Profile Report: Excel-based tool providing side-by-side comparisons of different consumer demographics and user profiles in the mobile market
  • Unlocked Phone Report: Quarterly tracking of the US unlocked phone market including adoption, placement, pricing and consumer profile trends of unlocked smartphones.



Tracking of data consumption and app/website usage by smartphone users leveraging the Connected Intelligence SmartMeter solution. Reports include:

  • Data Consumption Report: Understand how much data consumers use, comparing carrier usage as well as unlimited versus limited plans. And how much of this data is via cellular connections compared to WiFi.
  • Smartphone Usage Report: See what apps and websites consumers are using via their smartphone. The interactive tool allows customers to view the data by service plan types, device brand and specs, and other key metrics


An annual look at key market changes – mergers, plan type changes and more – that will impact the US mobile market.




We get it; everyone has time constraints and the idea of yet more reports hitting your desk can seem like a negative, not a positive. Which is why the reports are just the beginning of the NPD Connected Intelligence service. Consider the reports background for the core: a unique Advisory Service where we encourage ongoing discussions between you and the Connected Intelligence mobile team. These engagements range from presentations to your team to ongoing checkpoints and queries.


The Advisory Service leverages multiple sources to provide the most accurate, industry-leading view of the market including:

  • Sales and activation data
  • SmartMeter
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Consumer Polling
  • Mystery Shopping


Connected Intelligence answers the question of what consumers do once they purchase today’s latest technology, such as mobile devices. Our mandate is to operate in partnership with the core NPD sales data to tell the broader story of an entire market. The combination of Sales Data and Ownership Data is unique to The NPD Group and provides the tools that you need to truly understand the consumer today, and what they are willing to buy next.


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