Connected Home Forecast

The semi-annual Connected Home Forecast covers devices that deliver content to TVs over the Internet.  Coverage includes connected TVs, video game consoles, Blu-ray Disc players, and streaming media players. 

Key metrics include:

  • Device ownership penetration forecast
  • Device installed base forecast
  • Projected rate of connecting Internet capable devices

The Connected Home Forecast projects consumer’s propensity to own and connect devices that deliver broadband content to the TV.  The report quantifies the number of homes and screens that are forecasted to be reached by each connected TV device platform. If you are working on app development, digital distribution efforts, digital content licensing deals, or building a connected device interface this research provides the forward looking data and analysis needed to optimize your product and marketing roadmap.

The report is delivered in Excel, providing customers a combination of interactive data tools, and quantitative analysis examining the drivers behind the various data points.

The Connected Home Forecast is the source for understanding how many devices and TV screens will be connected to the Internet in the future. The forecast is developed by quantifying the number of device unit sales that result in increasing the installed base versus replacing a device that gets retired.  Panel-based reporting from a quarterly sample of over 5,000 individuals is used to project changes in consumer’s propensity to connect the Internet capable devices they own.