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Connected Intelligence® tracks the connected consumer, complementing sales data by quantifying what happens after a device is purchased. Detail on device ownership and usage patterns among various consumer segments, augmented by our industry advisors’ expertise, informs product development strategy and content partnership decisions.

Connected Intelligence answers these questions:

  1. What is the trend of installed TV household inventory and replacement rates/motivators?
  2. How many households and screens are reached by each brand’s connected TV and attached content device?
  3. How many households are in a device ecosystem (e.g., number of Apple homes)?
  4. How many households own a 4k UHD TV and have enough bandwidth to stream 4k video?
  5. Do we have the right content mix on our TVs and attached devices for our customers?
  6. What is the optimal array of apps, compared to the trends in usage across competitive devices such as game consoles and streaming media players?
  7. What is our competitors’ content partnership strategy?
  8. How do we convince content owners that our platform reaches a large audience and as such should contain their app?

Recurring Reports:

Device Ownership Trends & Profile (quarterly data report, semiannual analysis): 
This report delivers insight on the three-year quarterly trend of TV-connected and mobile device household ownership penetration and number of installed devices. A cross-tab tool segments 300+ consumer groups and profiles the devices they own, demographics, retail shopping preferences, TV viewing habits, and more. The report includes analysis of TV-connected and mobile device trends covering topics such as installed base trends, TV OS trends, 4K/UHD hardware adoption, and in-home broadband speeds.

Device Usage Trends (quarterly data report, semiannual analysis): 
Providing insight on the three-year quarterly trend of device usage, this report covers computers, tablets, smartphones, and TV-connected devices. It reports on overall device usage frequency and usage for streaming video. 

TV Ownership Trends (quarterly data report): 
Detail on a ten year, quarterly trend of household TV inventory, number of TVs per household, plus TV age, definition, screen size, brand, and room location is included in this report. It also features quarterly TV replacement trends, specs of the replaced TV, replacement TVs and those added to households.

TV & Video App Availability (semiannual report): 
By tracking 100+ streaming video, TV network, and (v)MVPD apps available across TV-connected and mobile devices, this report identifies which apps were added to TV platforms over the prior six months and the number of net households reached by their total TV-connected device distribution.

About the Analyst: John Buffone

John Buffone is vice president, industry advisor, for Circana’s Connected Intelligence® practice. With over 25 years of experience in the consumer research and entertainment industries, John has advised many of the largest media and consumer technology brands in the industry.

He offers his industry expertise on trends that focus on how connected devices are rapidly changing the way consumers use technology at home and on the go. His research focuses on the confluence of digital content distribution and consumer electronics trends. As an industry analyst, he is regularly quoted in the press.

Prior to joining Circana’s Connected Intelligence team in 2012, John held positions as Director of Product and Client Development for the Entertainment practice. In these roles John led Circana’s home video client service team that supported the evolving digital market intelligence needs of the major movie studios and video retailers.