Smartphone Usage Report

  • Website and Apps Use by Category
  • Top Apps Per Category
  • Reach, Duration and Launches Per App
  • Time of Day Activity
  • Segmentation by Device Specs
  • Segmentation by Demographics

The Smartphone & Tablet Usage Report leverages the Connected Intelligence SmartMeter to provide a detailed view of consumer activity on smartphones & tablets. Delivered as an Excel Business Intelligence tool, the report highlights app and web usage for iOS and Android smartphone & tablet users. In addition, the report provides a top level view of data consumption, providing insight into how different device and consumer segments may influence overall data use on devices.

The Smartphone & Tablet Usage Report allows customers such as carriers and OEMs to view smartphone & tablet usage segmented by demographic splits, as well as by device features and functionality. The result is a deep dive into how device and network features (such as network speed) can drive different behaviors across the base, as well as how different consumer segments may use the devices. By comparing and contrasting both demographic and device functionality, customers can comprehend a true picture of smartphone and tablet use.

This report is leveraged extensively by both OEMs looking to design differentiated products that support current use profiles, as well as by carriers, looking for gaps in their current device portfolios, as well as identifying key apps that must be brought to the surface of the consumer’s smartphone and tablet experience.

The report forms the basis of the Content Practice, providing a high level view of overall smartphone and tablet activity. Additional reports dive into specific segments of the market, such as the Smartphone Shopping Report.

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