Wearable Device Marketplace Report - November 2019

The quarterly Wearable Marketplace report provides a detailed listing of the latest consumer wearable products that have been announced and are coming to the market soon, or are already on the market. The report tracks a wide variety of wearable product metrics and also provides useful infographics on the various wearable devices and device categories. Below is a list of the new wearable devices that have been added to the report for November 2019.

Industry Overview and Forecast - October 2019

We have long passed the point where the smartwatch has been considered a mass-market device and we expect total U.S. ownership of smartwatches will eclipse ownership of the activity tracker in late 2020. However, the smartwatch space is still dominated by two main players Apple and Samsung. Moving forward, we are expecting a more competitive and diverse wearable tech market over the next two years due to a variety of factors. Below are some key areas that are (and will) impact the industry and growth expectations moving forward.


The Consumers and Wearables report is your go to for understanding the consumer activity tracker and smart watch market. The report includes insights across shopping, ownership and usage behaviors including purchase motivators, brand trends, frequency of usage and engagement, drivers of churn, future interest, and more. Adoption and usage patterns are segmented by demographics, exercise and dietary habits, and other key profiles.

Key findings this wave include: