Industry Overview and Forecast - October 2021

The previous boost in ownership, driven by the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, is over. Both smartwatches and activity trackers have seen a decline in ownership in the past six months as a result, as many owners who re-embraced their wearables during the pandemic have once again abandoned them. From a smartwatch perspective, we believe this is a short-term drop and are projecting reasonable growth in ownership over the next two years. But for Activity Trackers, we expect a steady decline in ownership moving forward.

Profile Report

The Wearables Profile Report provides a side-by-side view of different consumer profiles, offering an easy way to view differences among the consumer base. The report leverages the same data as the Ownership and Usage reports.

Usage Report - September 2021

The past six months have seen continued strong engagement with smartwatches, and this is reflected in the churn level which is now down to 14 percent. But when we consider reasons why consumers do abandon their smartwatch, the most common two reasons are because they received the device as a gift, or they stopped exercising (or both, of course)...

Ownership Report - September 2021

As expected, ownership of smartwatches has now surpassed that of activity trackers, with smartwatches at 30 percent of the adult population compared to trackers at 29 percent. It’s a small margin, admittedly, but part of an anticipated trend. But there’s a caveat: ownership of smartwatches has actually remained flat in the past six months while tracker ownership has declined.