More Than a One-Trick Pony?

The strong emphasis that the manufacturers place on the health and fitness functionality is of questionable value to us mere mortals. To expand the market to a broader consumer base, they need to evolve their approach and, perhaps, take some bold steps.

Marketplace Report - April 2023

The quarterly Wearable Marketplace report provides a detailed listing of the latest consumer wearable products that are in market, or expected to launch soon. The report tracks a wide variety of wearable product metrics and also provides useful infographics on the various wearable devices and device categories.

Profile Report

The latest Wearables Profile Report has been published. This report provides a side-by-side view of different consumer profiles, offering an easy way to view differences among the consumer base. The report leverages the same data as the Ownership and Usage reports.

Usage Report - March 2023

As we saw in the Ownership report, the consumer base for smartwatches has stalled at 38 percent in the past six months, after a previous surge in ownership. This flattening has happened despite the fact that 40 percent of activity tracker owners said they plan to upgrade to a smartwatch.

Ownership Report - March 2023

In the previous wave of the report (six months ago) we saw a significant increase in smartwatch ownership, up from just over 31 percent to 38 percent. It was a solid boost, driven by smartwatch upgrades and consumers migrating over from activity trackers. But fast forward six months and the market has stalled again with effectively no ownership increase. Sales showed a similar story, with year over year sales down 34%.