Profile Report

The Wearables Profile Report provides a side-by-side view of different consumer profiles, offering an easy way to view differences among the consumer base. The report leverages the same data as the Ownership and Usage reports.

This latest version of the report has been expanded to provide information on third party apps that consumers may use on their smartwatches.

Note: Updated Oct 17, 2022 to correct Household size error, and to add smartwatch purchase intent among current owners.

Usage Report - October 2022

As we saw in the Ownership report, the consumer base for smartwatches increased from just over 31 percent to 38 percent of the US adult population in the past six month, driven by new sales (and older devices being passed down to friends and family, or re-sold) as well as a migration from activity trackers. And we expect this latter category to continue to fuel smartwatch ownership growth, with roughly 40 percent of activity tracker customers planning to upgrade to a smartwatch in the next year.

Marketplace Report - July 2022

The quarterly Wearable Marketplace report provides a detailed listing of the latest consumer wearable products that are in market, or expected to launch soon. The report tracks a wide variety of wearable product metrics and also provides useful infographics on the various wearable devices and device categories.