Health Tracking Data at the Core of Google’s Fitbit Wearables Push

Google is getting serious about the wearables market with the announcement that it has agreed to buy Fitbit for $2.1 billion. The deal, which is still subject to regulatory approval, would make Google the largest wearable tech OEM in the U.S. from an ownership perspective as of Q2 2019 according to the NPD Connected Intelligence Industry Overview and Forecast.

Teetering On The Edge Of Innovation

The last couple of weeks have confirmed to me that there is a lack of compelling innovation in the consumer electronics space… at least right now. Phone and smartwatch launches have become small iterative enhancements rather than substantial innovations, while IFA, the large European consumer electronics show, was a muted affair with little to set the world on fire.

Apple Watch Series 5: More Variety, Less Spice

Since its launch five years ago, Apple has worked to provide users with strong additional value in each iteration of its market-leading Apple Watch. While the Apple Watch Series 5 is mostly a carryover from the Series 4 in terms of form factor and features, Apple’s continued focus on health and wellness usability and strong sales momentum will keep the device as the leading new smartwatch on the market.