Another Roadside Attraction

The U.S. is finally getting serious about electric vehicles if, that is, the President’s new $3 trillion infrastructure bill passes as it includes $174 billion to drive the EV market forward. What, one wonders, does that mean for the traditional gas station?

Downsizing Smartly

Last year was one of transition for me, as I joined the renting world after many years of house ownership. My home automation needs remained, but the mix of products certainly changed.

Spotlight: Prepaid Innovation Ahead?

The prepaid mobile market has morphed to become more and more similar to postpaid plans, offering unlimited plans for similar (or slightly lower) rates. With most of the major prepaid brands owned (or soon to be owned) by major carriers, competing against their own parent may no longer make sense. It may be time to take a fresh look at the prepaid market.